Why Planet Swim

“Thanks again for everything you guys do. You teach the kids about much more than swimming – you teach them life lessons about working hard, setting goals, reaching them sometimes, sometimes falling short and how to handle all of it positively. We are thankful for your holistic approach and your desire to help grow them into all they can be!”

– Susan Mier, Parent


“I have been around swimming for a long time and I have coached for many years and have seen a lot of different swimming programs and very few of them have the same attention given to the kids. Every single time they get into the pool they learn something new”.

– Susie White, Grandmother and Swimmer


“ Thanks for the lesson this morning and I am really impressed with the way you guys do things… very different, very effective and very focused. I have been coaching and coached for a LOT of years and I am not easily impressed…Congratulations”.

  • Shawn Burke, Triathlete 

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